Using Emotion in Explainer Videos: Bringing the Feels without the Overkill

Be honest: you cried when Bambi’s mother died. It’s okay, we won’t judge. That sadness – that emotion – did it make you want to save the deer? Did you wish there was something you could do, right then and there, a button to click perhaps? Did you forget that you were watching a cartoon? Those folks at Disney sure are smart. They have animation inspired emotion down to a science. Fortunately for you, so do we. Today let’s discuss how to use emotion in explainer videos to increase response rates.

Our explainer video for Reading Milestones is a perfect example for invoking emotion in your viewers!

Emotion in Explainer Videos

Before we jump further, let’s be clear: we’re not talking about toying with people’s emotions. That would be emotional manipulation and that’s just wrong. We’re talking about emotion as an invitation: an invitation to engage, to connect, and to respond. None of us could respond to our emotions and save Bambi’s mother. Your customers will be able to respond to the emotions your explainer video invokes because you’ll show them how.

Make a Decision

Your first step in using emotion in explainer videos is to decide what emotion you want to inspire. What emotion are current customers experiencing when they first find your site? Hone in on that.

Tell a Story

Time to think about Bambi again. Why were you so sad when his mother died? Was it because you felt you knew him? Of course it was. You had watched his story unfold. You can provide the same opportunity to your customers. Use your 60-90 second explainer video to tell a story. It can be the story of how your business began, a story that represents a problem your customers have (and how you solve it), or the a story about how your product or service helped someone else.

Identify Characters

How closely have you mapped your target audience? Now is the time to bring all of that knowledge to the video design table. Create characters your target customers can identify with. To offer more opportunities for your customers to relate to your characters, keep them in mind when choosing the setting as well.

All About the Music

Whatever mood you’re trying to inspire, there’s a tune for that. When you work with a professional explainer video producer, you gain access to a library of music that will fit any mood.

All the Feels

Using emotion in explainer videos is a powerful way to connect with your customers, increase conversions, and earn more sales. Don’t abuse them with too many emotions or by being over dramatic. Leave the tears to Disney. Grab as much joy as you can.

Have more questions about how to use emotion in explainer videos? We’d love to connect with you and show you how!