5 Signs Your Website is Boring & How to Fix It

Worried that your website is boring customers away? Do you think you’re missing out on leads because your content is drier than dust (and twice as useless)?  Are you looking for a way to spice things up, push your site higher in search engine rankings, and earn new business? Then look for these signs your website is boring and revamp it today!

Key Signs Your Website is Boring (AKA “Snoozeville”)

1. You Think It Is

The first indication that you have a boring website lies inside of you. If you think your website is boring, you’re probably right. Sometimes being this honest with yourself is hard (especially after investing so much time and money into building your site) but honest assessment is imperative to growth.

To help you decide, pull up a few competitors’ websites and pick the most successful. Now pull up your own. How did it compare? Write down your thoughts keeping aware that you may either be hypercritical or far too generous.

Next, send the links to your competitors’ websites and your own to a few trusted friends. Tell them what you’re doing and ask them to weigh in honestly. When they do, compare their impressions to your own.

If you’re looking for an unbiased 3rd party to take a look at your website, send us the link or try out something like Peek (free) or their parent company UserTesting (paid) for an in-depth review

2. Bounce Rate

If you’re worried about a boring website, the next place to look is your Google Analytics dashboard. What’s your bounce rate? The bounce rate measures single page site visits – how many people went to your website, saw the homepage, and explored no further.

If your bounce rate is high, it’s a good indication that you failed to ignite interest or capture your site visitors attention – key signs your website is boring.

It’s time to open up a new Excel spreadsheet for this solution. Enter your current bounce rate. As you implement changes to your site, note which changes you made, what the bounce rate was when you implemented the changes, and what it was 1 week later. Continue to track bounce rate and the effectiveness of website additions so you can keep bounces low and new customer acquisition high!

3. Outdated Design

The internet moves at lightning speed. Chances are, if your site was designed more than 3 years ago, your design is out of date. An outdated website is boring.

Outdated websites kill new business. It communicates a business that is struggling or closed (it’s site left to linger on the web for eternity).

Avoid the boring, outdated look by checking out website trends and implementing them as soon as possible. Something as simple as a logo refresh could help you begin to brighten your site up and catch a few more views.

4. Lacks Images

The dreaded “wall of text” above the fold is a website traffic killer. You need images! We live in a very visual age; words alone won’t do it. Grab visitors’ attentions with attention grabbing images that relate to your product, service, or target market.

If you’re tired of free stock imagery, but not ready to commit to a paid package, check out this gift from the New York Public Library. Over 200,000 images free to use, reuse, edit, and enjoy.

Check out this explainer video we created for our clients at AA Accounting to explain their services!

5. Lacks Video

Video on your landing page will increase the length of site visits, grab attention, increase interaction, and boost sales. Animated explainer videos are a great way to incorporate video on your site and excite your visitors

Videos can also be used to reduce bounce rate (those one page site visitors). Make a snapshot of the video and, using one of the free photo editing services, superimpose a play button over the picture. Add the image to your landing page and link it to another page on your site (the page that actually hosts that video). Interested visitors will click play and immediately visit a second page on your site.

If you are going to use the snapshot method, it is important that the video page be chock full of the information you want your customers to see. This is a chance to take them deeper into your site, issue additional CTA’s, and capture attention.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve noticed signs your website is boring, try implementing these tips while tracking your bounce rate. Your business isn’t boring. Your website shouldn’t be. If you want more tips or an unbiased eye, contact us today.