Creative B2B Video Marketing Ideas

Coming up with creative video ideas for consumer projects seems so much easier than coming up with ideas for the B2B market. How many times can you introduce your office staff or throw a GoPro on the pup and let her play tour guide? To combat the “same old, same old”, we did some digging and brainstorming and came up with fresh B2B video marketing ideas for 2017 and beyond!

Creative B2B Video Marketing Ideas

According to eMarketer, the average adult spends 5 and a half hours on video content every day. If you’re looking for new ways to reach your target B2B market, video is definitely the way to go. To kick off your new video marketing campaign, we’ve come up with 5 creative ideas for you to implement today!

1. Grab a Camera, Grab a Trend

What’s the hot topic hopping from cubicle to cubicle in your industry today? How about those data breaches Yahoo just revealed? We’re sure your cyber security is top notch, but is your clients? That’s an excellent opportunity to build trust. As news stories surface, grab hold of them from your clients’ perspective and then address them directly.

2. Calm Test Anxiety

The next time you take your new product for a test drive, why not hit record? Clients love to know that the products they purchase from you are thoroughly tested. Creating a test day video gives them a front row seat to your rigorous methods and lets them feel confident in the products you offer.

3. Can You Hear Me Now?

Just another day at the office, huh? Nothing special going on? Why not take advantage of your downtime to share some personal inspiration, from your office to theirs?  These opportunities work by showing off the personalities behind the products you want them to purchase. Offering inspiration shows you care about them. It’s a perfect match!

4. Weird for the Win

How would you like it if, in the middle of a random work day, one of your vendors posted a video just to make you laugh? We would love it! You don’t have to be downright goofy and, depending on the industry, a certain level of professionalism should be maintained, but funny videos are a great way to evoke emotion and form connections. Think of the weird stories that play out in your work place. How can you use them to start a dialogue, make your clients laugh, and infuse the web with your unique flavor?

5. Toon Town

Is there a particular problem in your industry that you’re experts at solving? Hint: there really should be at least one! Why not use that problem-product paradise formula to create a fun animated explainer video to share on social media? Animated explainer videos are one of the hottest marketing trends of 2017. They’re great for businesses of all sizes and help to build a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Final Notes

You’ll notice that very few of these videos involve selling a product or service. That’s because right now, businesses need to trust you before they’ll consider trusting your product or service. 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. This screams potential!

So what are you waiting for? Start sharing these types of fresh B2B video marketing ideas on your social media pages, in your emails, and from your company blog and watch your click-through rates and conversions soar. Be a company that’s fun to follow on the web and you’ll gain followers. Provide interesting content, and your followers will share. Create opportunities for dialogue and be ready to respond. Carry the conversations forward and watch your B2B relationships bloom.