5 Horrific Website Content Mistakes & How to Save the Day

Content is King, unless your content strategy is a terrifying mess, then your Content is Stephen King. What horrifying website content mistakes will terrify customers and send them screaming from your site? Read on to find out!

Horrifying Website Content Mistakes

1. Bermuda Triangle Navigation!

If your site navigation is so complex that it leaves visitors feeling lost, you need to fix that fast! 44% of mobile users report having difficulty with website navigation. That stat translates into a lot of lost revenue.

The Hero: Keep navigation clear and simple. Start with page titles that will appear in your menu. Call your portfolio, “portfolio” not “Works of Genius”. Let your creativity shine in the content on the page not in the directions to the page.

2. The Ghost of Business Past

Outdated content is a killer, right up there with outdated fonts and color schemes. If the only content you have on your site is old, site visitors will write your business off as dead. Don’t let this happen to you!

The Hero: The best way to keep your site fresh is through a blog. Did you know that websites with blogs index 434% more pages and 97% more links than websites without blogs?

Find out what your target audience is interested in, build a strategy and a content calendar around these interests, and get writing. You’ll benefit by having your website appear in more search results, delight your clients with relevant information, and, over time, earn more sales.

3. Doppelgangers!

Ah, the dreaded doubles and duplicates! Does anything kill search engine ranking faster? If you’re just copying content from other places on the web, search engines will label your content as a “duplicate site” and penalize your ranking.

The Hero: Yes, creating fresh, unique content is time consuming, but it is worth it. Invest your time in creating content yourself or invest advertising dollars in having it professionally created for you. Having your site dismissed as a duplicate is terrifying.

4. Ad Invasion!

If your site visitors can barely move their mouse without pop-up ads descending on them, you’re doing it wrong. 84% of consumers agess 25-34 report leaving a website because of intrusive or irrelevant ads. Can you imagine the amount of business lost?

The Hero: Avoid this by keeping ads relevant and pop-ups to a minimum. You can also choose how often you want a pop-up to occur. Do you really need one on every page of your site? Weigh ad choices carefully and err on the side of fewer ads whenever possible.

5. Vanity, Vanity, All is Vanity!

Obsession over vanity metrics is dangerous. Of course we all want our website content to draw visitors in and we love to see the results on beautiful reports and spreadsheets. But, especially in the beginning, if you use vanity metrics as the sole indicator of success, you’re missing out.

The Hero: Content isn’t a short game, it’s a long game. Focus on creating quality, consistent content. Monitor metrics, but don’t make them your life. It takes time to build a content library that will draw in new visitors and future customers. Give yourself the time to build and success will come.

Surviving Website Content Mistakes

If you recognized some of these mistakes as your own, don’t be discouraged. Nothing is as scary as you think it is once you shine a light. Revamp your strategy, employ the use of new tools, and go forward. We wish you safe travels and, should you ever need a guide, remember: we’re right here. We can help you transform your website from horror to highlight today.