What is the Best Explainer Video Style for Your Business?

So you’re embarking on your first explainer video journey. Congratulations and welcome to one of the hottest marketing trends! You’re ready to plan and execute the perfect video marketing strategy. Then, suddenly, you discover that there are multiple explainer video styles! Which one to choose? You can lose yourself on YouTube for hours or you can let us guide you through. Which is the best explainer video style for you? Let’s find out!

Best Explainer Video Style for Businesses

We created this explainer video for our clients at xVarnish to explain their subscription box!

Screencast Video

These simple, low budget videos showcase how your product or service works. Great for educating leads who like to see a product in action before they invest, but not usually the best choice for brand recognition or forging connections.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

If your subject matter is complex, you might want to consider a Whiteboard Explainer Video. These videos are particularly good at holding a viewer’s attention because the animation occurs as they watch. This increased attention may help customers follow more complex trains of thought. Great for IT solutions or computer software companies, Whiteboard Explainer Videos are where the explainer video trend began.

Animated Explainer Videos

The current darling of explainer video marketing, animated explainer videos allow you to engage with your customers through storytelling. Knowing your target audience is key to this style because your main character will be a representative of your target market. Animated explainer videos follow a problem-solution-end result formula that allows you to directly address your audience’s problems with the unique solution your company provides.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos take animated explainer videos to the next level. Often preferred by the financial industry, motion graphics videos can include 3D animated bar graphs as well as characters to add depth and provide a very polished and professional viewing experience.

Decisions, Decisions

Still not sure which is the best explainer video style for your business? We’re happy to walk you through the decision making process, provide real world examples, and discuss your video marketing goals so you can choose. In time, you may find good reasons to incorporate different explainer video styles into your marketing strategy. We’ll be here to help, every step of the way.

At Jumpanzee, we believe in the power of video marketing and we understand how to harness that power to serve your business. Our clients choose the best explainer video style that will achieve their marketing goals. Your satisfaction is our passion. We look forward to working with you.