Blow Your Mind: Common SEO Mistakes That Small Businesses Should Avoid

Knowing where to focus energy and time can prevent common SEO mistakes. Mistakes mostly happen when marketers execute local SEO tactics and advanced tactics just to drive ranking, conversions, and increase traffic. The key in building long-term tactics for business is to avoid some common mistakes.

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Common SEO Mistakes

Building a Site on a Free Subdomain

When a website acquires inbound links, it will begin to rank better in search engines. When businesses build their site on a free subdomain, there is a risk when you move the website, and the owner will lose credit for the links aimed at the “free subdomain” website.

It is because most free subdomain providers don’t allow marketers to 301 redirect the old site on their service to the new one. A 301 redirect is the way to “tell” search engine that the site has moved without going back to square one with the search engine rankings.

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Using Inappropriate Keywords

Most of SEO revolves around a comprehensive keyword strategy. For a business to have an effective SEO effort, they need to target the right keywords first. Keywords are things that customers enter into search engines when searching for companies that provide the service and products that they need. In short, marketers are looking for the word that customers are regularly searching.

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Keyword Stuffing

Before, keyword stuffing used to work. However, nowadays, due to the improvements in algorithms, a keyword can destroy rather than improve the search rankings. Marketers must write an article while keeping the visitors in mind first, then search engine second.

Always read the article out loud. If the article feels unnatural, then it is best to adjust it. Insert the keyword into the article seamlessly.

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A Scarcity of Unique, Engaging Content

Strong SEO strategies are the foundation of content marketing or the other way around. For the same reason, the quality of SEO depends on unique content, which also depends on a stable SEO strategy. Contributing unique content that ranks organically in search engines and provokes the interest of the readers will help improve the firm’s search ranking.

Unique content profoundly affects the rankings, and marketers should make sure to produce it regularly. Unique content can come in various formats. Regular blogs or articles must have relevant topics and backed up with good keyword strategy to drive traffic.

But limiting the produced words will limit the growth and potential of the business. Rather, consider incorporating social media networks with engaging content like interactive polls, podcasts, and videos.

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Using Same Anchor Text for Every Link

Optimizing the anchor text is important, but marketers must avoid using the same anchor text for every link to a page. It can look funny to visitors, and some will say that it might hurt the business with search engines since it will seem like the marketers are trying to play with them.

It is wise for marketers to mix everything up. Use variations on the sentences, the name of the company, or occasionally, even the URL to look natural to both search engines and visitors. Avoid using the same keyword more than 50% in content.


Even if SEO remains a relatively new idea in the marketing field, its significance for small businesses cannot be understated. There are a lot of mistakes that marketers commit which affects their rankings sometimes. Recognizing the mistakes can help marketers to avoid them which can help in driving growth potentials for the business.

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