Top 8 Digital Tools for eCommerce Professionals

You’re always on the lookout for the next best tool to help you generate more revenue online. From productivity to website creation, technology has you covered. Here are the top 8 digital tools for eCommerce professionals (and many of them are free). Try them out and see what you think.

1. Take Advantage of Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

When it comes to using social media to promote your products, you might think that Facebook is your best bet. After all, they are the most popular social media platform, right? Well, think again. In the eCommerce industry, this should be your social media platform of choice. Here’s why: Pinterest is the #1 social media platform for online sales.

digital tools for ecommerce - pinterest

Shoppers who arrive at your online store from pinterest are more likely to make a purchase than any other social media traffic. So, leverage this channel to drive traffic and increase your online sales.

(You Should Probably Check Out Tailwind Too)

If you choose Pinterest as your primary social media marketing channel, you’re going to need a way to automate some of your posting. While we’re on the subject of tools, you may want to check out Tailwind. You can automate a lot of your pins with a more customized approach than possible with Buffer or Hootsuite.

digital tools for ecommerce - Tailwind

With Tailwind, you’ll be able to choose what to pin, when to pin it, and measure the results of your campaigns.

2. Use Canva to Create Stunning Images for Your Content

You’ll need to create visual content for your blog, Pinterest, and other places around the web. Though there are a plethora of free and paid tools for creating images, Canva stands out above the rest. Many of the features are free, but as your needs grow, you can add features like custom fonts for branding, pro layouts and images, and more. No matter how customized your needs, the platform is affordable and the limits are few.

digital tools for ecommerce - Canva

There’s a reason millions of people use this visual content creation tool. You’ll have to try it for yourself to find out why.

3. Leverage a Superior Marketing Strategy With TextMagic

Everyone talks about social media, content, and email marketing. What you don’t predominantly hear about is text message (SMS) marketing. But, the text message marketing statistics speak for themselves. Text messages have a higher open rate than any other kind of messaging.

digital tools for ecommerce - TextMagic

When a mobile phone owner receives a text, they’re likely to open it within just a few minutes. From there, if you include a strong call to action, you’re most likely to generate more conversions on your website. Despite myths you may have heard, text messaging is still a powerful marketing tool for eCommerce.

NOTE: It is critical that recipients have opted-in to receive text message communications from you, so create separate contact lists for email and SMS recipients.

4. Create an Engaging, Trustworthy Store With Shopify

Every online store needs a content management system (CMS). If you want a reliable, easy-to-build website with full-functionality, you should create it with the top eCommerce platform. So, go with Shopify.

digital tools for ecommerce - Shopify

You can create a store in a matter of minutes. If you’ve got a ton of products to move over from another platform, it won’t be a problem to import them (unless the problem is with your other CMS). Once you see how easy Shopify is to use, you will never want to use another CMS.

5. Manage Customer Relationships and Marketing in Hubspot

Hubspot might be the most amazing customer relationship management (CRM) software on the planet. It will help you determine where your traffic comes from, how people behave on your website, and who is most likely to purchase from you.

digital tools for ecommerce - Hubspot

The Hubspot sales and marketing CRM is available to try, and as your needs grow, the cost rises. Even if you’re paying the maximum price for the landing page and email creation, contact management, reporting, and more, you are getting your money’s worth — that’s why it’s the top pick for online professionals.

6. Optimize Your Customer Service Tactics With ZenDesk

ZenDesk is a virtual help center that you can leverage to support your customers. Become more reliable, flexible, and scalable to build trust and rapport with those who inquire about your products, services, and problems with orders.

digital tools for ecommerce - ZenDesk

One great aspect of this software is that you can start small and, as your business grows, move up to an enterprise account with even more features. Collaborate with you sales and customer support team, integrate the software with your website and marketing platforms, and measure and improve your sales performance.

7. Manage Unlimited Login Information With LastPass

If there’s anything you need as an online entrepreneur, it’s access to multiple websites and software. Where do you store all of your passwords? Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of login info because you can add the LastPass extension to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

digital tools for ecommerce - LastPass

If you use a smartphone or other device to login to your accounts, LastPass still has you covered. There’s nothing more convenient than never having to worry about passwords again.

8. Manage Your Team With FindMyShift

Online, you’ll find every kind of tool for building relationships with and marketing to customers. But, you still need to consider your employees and freelancers. You won’t find a tool better than FindMyShift for scheduling, timesheets, and staff management. Each of your teammates and you can access the software from anytime, anywhere.

digital tools for ecommerce - FindMyShift

No matter what size organization you have, you can access many of FindMyShift’s features absolutely free, so you can’t afford not to try it.


Pinterest is probably the best social media channel for eCommerce marketing. Canva is an awesome tool for creating visual content. TextMagic will help you implement an effective SMS strategy. You should build your online store with Shopify. Hubspot will be useful for managing customer relationships and ZenDesk will make customer service a breeze. Manage all of your passwords with LastPass as you use it, free of charge, across all devices.

This list of software is sure to help you build an online empire. What other digital tools do you use to help your online business sales? Share them with other readers in the comments below.

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