Should Bloggers Use Explainer Videos?

With over 600,000 blog posts published every day, drawing people to your blog is challenging. Competition is stiff in every niche. New and seasoned bloggers are constantly looking for new ways to engage and draw visitors to their sites. And so this question arises: Should bloggers use explainer videos?

The answer is simple. Yes, bloggers should use explainer videos to attract more visitors and differentiate themselves from the competition. The more complex questions are how can bloggers use explainer videos and what product are they explaining or selling? Those are the questions we’ll delve into today.

We created this explainer video for our clients at Instrumental to describe their service!

What’s the Product?

If you’ve been blogging long, you know the answer to this question. Just in case you missed that webinar, the product you are selling on your blog is you. Your unique insights, recipes, thoughts on life, crafting instruction, advice – whatever you feature on your blog – it’s all a part of you. The main differentiating factor between your blog and someone else’s in that niche is that it’s yours. You are the product. You are the difference.

How Bloggers Use Explainer Videos

There are many ways bloggers use explainer videos and we’ll touch on a few. First, though, let’s look at the focus eluded to above: You. If you want your blog to succeed, you must differentiate it from other similar blogs. What better way to do that than with an explainer video?


In an explainer video, you can appear as a charming, animated character. No need to have your hair and makeup professionally done. Your animated explainer video creator will do all of that for you. Well, not for you exactly, for animated you. You can explain what makes yours an important voice in your niche, address your experiences, and showcase your unique personality. If you invest in just one professional explainer video, this should be the one.

One Video, Multiple Purposes

So where will you use it? Won’t it look beautiful on your landing page? Embedding your video on your landing page greatly decreases your bounce rate. How about on your social media pages, to earn more followers and convert them to blog readers? Did you know that Facebook is redesigning its algorithm again, giving videos even more weight than before? You do know there are people just like you in Facebook Land who would love to hear your voice and could benefit from your wisdom. Animated explainer videos are the perfect way to engage with these future blog readers and leave a lasting impression.

Shareable Content

Animated explainer videos are also very easy to share. If it happens to land on the timeline of someone not in your target audience, chances are they know someone who is. Right now there aren’t a lot of bloggers using this powerful marketing tool. Capture their attention before your competition does and watch your profits rise.

Jazz Up that Welcome Email

Also make sure that every new subscriber receives this video in their introductory email. Did you know that emails with the word “video” in the subject receive 19% more opens? Emails containing videos also result in a 200%-300% higher click-through rate, bringing your subscribers back to your blog where ad revenue is generated.

Visuals Simplified

How else can bloggers use explainer videos? You’ve attended the webinars. You know how important visuals are. Bloggers spend hours on photos and photo editing, trying to explain the same concept that a 30 second explainer video could handle. These types of explainer videos are a bit more common but they are still effective. How to videos are one of the highest sought after videos on YouTube. Build your YouTube channel and convert viewers into subscribers.

For Those About to Blog, We Salute You

Starting and maintaining a profitable blog is hard work. You need every advantage you can get to rise above the competition. Utilizing an animated explainer video to introduce yourself, engage with your audience, and increase site visitors and conversions is a recipe for success.

If you have questions about explainer videos and bloggers, we’d love to answer them. We can’t wait to hear about your blog and help you get started on the road to success.