How to Use Testimonials, Endorsements, and Online Reviews on Your Website

Google loves reviews. In fact, curating positive online reviews (on sites like Google and Yelp) is proven to boost search engine ranking. But how do you use those online reviews on your website? Traditionally, on site review pages receive the least amount of traffic. Is there a way to change this, to feature those hard earned reviews on your website and earn more business?

Yes, of course there is. We’ll even show you how.

5 Ways to Use Online Reviews on Your Website to Earn More Business

1. Name It and Claim It

The first mistake small businesses make when creating their online reviews page is found in the keywords chosen. Take a look at your keywords. Are they “(your business name) reviews”? That’s a mistake. You’ve just told the search engines to only show this page when someone specifically searches for reviews about your business. But what about all of those potential customers who haven’t yet heard about your business?

To capture local traffic not familiar with your business, consider these keywords instead: “(your city) (your industry) reviews”. For instance, if you’re a wedding photographer targeting Anoka, Minnesota, your keyword phrase could be “Anoka wedding photographer reviews”. Using these keywords tells search engines to list your website’s reviews page every time someone makes this query. This method is so successful in improving local SEO that even companies not restricted by geography use it to earn more business.

2. Tell a Story

Let’s face it: many people skip reviews because they are boring. You know what isn’t boring? Stories. We all love stories. Instead of listing your reviews page as “Reviews” in your menu, consider renaming it “Success Stories”. After all, that’s what a positive review is, isn’t it? Unconsciously, we perceive reviews as one sided accounts. Stories, on the other hand, are engaging and that’s what our customers want: the opportunity to engage. Use your reviews page to give them this opportunity.

3. Slide On By

Once you’ve attracted visitors to your reviews page, it’s time to engage them and hold them there. Simply displaying a list of quotes isn’t going to do it. Consider superimposing snippets from positive reviews over pictures and creating a slider to sit at the top of your page, just like BlueBeam does. Visuals do a much better job of holding site visitor’s attention than plain text.

4. Animated Adventures

Do you have a particularly glowing review that perfectly illustrates a pain point common to members of your target audience and how you solved it? Consider using that review as the basis for an animated explainer video. This top trend of 2017 is a great way to capture and hold site visitor’s attention and share one of your favorite success stories. Pages with video are also ranked higher by search engines so give your page that extra boost! Once made, this animated video can be used in social media advertisement and email campaigns to maximize your ROI.

5. Show Off

Our final suggestion for how to use online reviews on your website is to show off those smiling faces! Happy customers smile, right? Why not grab a picture of your happy client and place it alongside their glowing review? Pictures personalize the review and give site visitors someone they can relate to, someone just like them or, if you have big name clients, someone they want to emulate. Smiling pictures communicate that if they use your product or service, they’ll be smiling, too.

In Conclusion…

Using online reviews on your website can either be a waste of space or a boost to business, the choice is yours. By implementing these 5 simple steps, you will get the good news about your company out to more potential clients and earn more business.

If #4 has you intrigued, we’d love to chat. Our animated explainer videos have a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours succeed. We can’t wait to hear from you.