Jumpanzee Client Spotlight – Adspire!

Jumpanzee appreciates all of our extraordinary clients, & we want to let everyone know how awesome they are! That’s why we have created our Client Spotlight series. Learn more about some amazing small businesses & startups and their owners/founders. We dig into why they started their business, what are their unique value propositions, & what makes them successful.

In this client spotlight, we focus on Adspire and their Founder, Dominick Damico. We had the opportunity to work with them on their initial website & logo design and love being a partner they can trust with their future needs!

Adspire Client Spotlight with Dominick Damico (Founder)

Adspire Client Spotlight with Founder Dominick Damico

What is your business & what problem does it solve for your customers?

Influencer marketing agency. We help companies execute goal-based marketing campaigns through the utilization of social media influencers.

What inspired or drove you to start this particular business?

I got into social media around 2013 and started a tattoo page on Instagram. I realized there was a large disconnect between brands and influencers during this process, and that brands didn’t understand how to properly utilize influencers for their marketing campaigns.

What’s your background and how did it play a part in starting your business?

Born in the suburbs of Chicago. Always entrepreneurial in a sense, but didn’t really know what it was. Example: convinced a girl to give me $50 in 4th grade so I could buy 100 silicon wristbands to sell to classmates, sold xbox accounts on ebay, detailed cars, etc.

Fell off my entrepreneurial track in first year of college and thought I wanted to be an engineer. Luckily I picked up social media in my spare time and never looked back since.  Ended up dropping out of school to pursue my company full time.

Who is your ideal customer?

Ideal customer is pretty much any B2C company that has an interesting product, app, or offer.

What were your biggest challenges when you started?

Chicken and egg problem. No influencers in my network meant hard to get clients. No clients in my network made it hard to get influencers.

What keeps you motivated to keep working on your business?

I believe fully in my service and I love the challenge of building something on my own.

What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

Pros: Future unknown, adventure, fulfilling

Cons: Future unknown, hard as hell, stressful

What are your biggest challenges today?

Biggest challenge is closing deals with new clients.

How do you define success?

Setting an uncomfortable goal and doing everything within your power to go after it regardless of circumstance, opinions, or obstacles.

What do you envision for the future of your business?

I would like to integrate the power of software into my company to help influencers, brands, and our company better manage campaigns.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

As cliché as it sounds, follow your heart. Most people, including loved ones and friends will most likely not believe in your vision. Some people may even want to see you crash and burn. Don’t listen to anyone but the voice inside your head.

Don’t quit too soon. Sometimes success comes right after the failure when you persevere.

Outside of business what do you enjoy doing? How do you recharge your batteries?

Grabbing a beer with the friends, driving with the windows down, traveling.

Who is someone you consider successful?

Gary Vaynerchuk & Grant Cardone.

What book do you find most influential or have you gifted the most?

The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

Are there any blogs, podcasts or Facebook Groups about entrepreneurship you follow closely?

Young Entreprenuer Lifestyle 2.0 (podcast), Young Hustlers (Podcast), & lots of Facebook groups.

Where can people find out more about Adspire?

Our website & blog.

Adspire Client Spotlight - Adspire Logo

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