Increase Sales with Explainer Videos for Real Estate

Can real estate agents take advantage of explainer videos for real estate to increase sales? Of course they can! At Jumpanzee, explainer videos are tailored to meet the specific goals of each agent we serve. Explainer videos help realtors share information, reach more customers, and surpass sales goals.

Real Estate Search Trends

According to a study conducted by The National Association of Realtors and Google , 90% of homebuyers searched online while looking for their new home. The study also revealed that 54% of those who search online during the home buying process rely on videos to gain information. That number is continuing to rise!

How Realtors Can Use Explainer Videos for Real Estate

The only limit to Explainer Videos is your imagination. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Educate Potential Leads on Your Unique Value – Let potential buyers & sellers know what unique talents & experience you bring to the table. Why should they choose you? An explainer video is the perfect way to let them know why & how to get in contact. We can even make the character look like you!

  • Explain How to Buy a House. Do you often meet with customers who don’t understand the home buying process or who admit to learning about the process from the internet? You can set yourself up to be the source of the information your clients receive by creating personalized Explainer Videos for real estate about the home buying process.
  • Explain Common Real Estate Terms. Want to share your expertise and clarify common real estate terms? This type of Explainer Video would be a good way to gain credibility with potential clients who need a deeper level of understanding.
  • Inspire Renters to Become Buyers. Do you encounter renters who don’t understand how the same amount of money they spend on rent could be invested in a home of their own? Want to inspire members of your community to make the leap from renter to buyer? Use an Explainer Video to shine a light on this investment opportunity and sell to more first time home buyers.
  • Highlight Property Investment as an Income Source. If you live in a vacation destination, you can use Explainer Videos to demonstrate how investment properties round out investment portfolios and deliver long term results.

Get Your Personal Explainer Video Today

These are just a few ways real estate agents like you are using different types of Explainer Videos. Explainer Videos are also being used to introduce neighborhoods, financing options, and realtors to potential clients. They are social media friendly and make great additions to your YouTube channel.

28% of those who search the internet in the home buying process also view newspaper ads. 54% (and growing) watch videos. Realtors who invest in Explainer Videos for real estate capture more traffic. We can’t wait to help you promote your business with an Explainer Video, so contact us today!