IT Disaster Recovery Glossary

Having a strategy in place to recover from an IT disaster is no longer an option for companies — it’s a critical priority for the executive level. Why? Because the average cost of system downtime for a typical enterprise now ranges from $100,000 to $500,000 per hour. And if outages last for more than a few days, the damage to your reputation could be irrevocable. The result? Projected investment in the cloud migration market (including disaster recovery) is expected to pass $7 billion annually by 2021 as companies look to craft actionable, testable and replicable disaster recovery (DR) plans.  Confused? Then the IT Disaster Recovery Glossary below should help!

“the average cost of system downtime for a typical enterprise now ranges from $100,000 to $500,000 per hour”

First step? Executive buy-in. Chief information security officers, chief information officers, and IT teams must convince executives and other stakeholders that DR and business continuity objectives aren’t just necessary cost centers but a central part of any long-term tech ROI strategy. Next up? Implementation. Whether designing an in-house offering or leveraging the services of a third-party DR specialist, you need a solution that works with existing IT processes and leaves room to grow as needs and business expectations change. Last but not least: Cultural shift. While good DR plans exist alongside current corporate culture, great recovery initiatives go one step further. They permanently alter the way users and tech interact to provide seamless, streamlined recovery response.

If all of this sounds complicated, that’s no surprise — the IT world can be mysterious. Therefore, to help you understand DR, make your case, and establish a solid recovery plan – knowledge is your best ally. The accompanying glossary offers 16 key DR terms to share with stakeholders who need to better understand the importance of preparing for a potential IT disaster.

IT Disaster Recovery Glossary

IT Disaster recovery glossary created by SingleHop

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IT Disaster Recovery Glossary - Eugene Kashperovetskyi

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