How to Make Your Business Really Stand Out

Recent years have seen the entry of many small and large organizations. Advancement in technology has led to the innovation of diverse products and services aimed at meeting the same needs, which has made congestion almost inevitable in the various sectors of the economy. With all these developments, business sustainability is under threat, and business owners must do all they can to secure a strong market share as well as a solid review system. Therefore, it may even be helpful to look into reviews for other companies, such as those for ACN. That way you can get an idea of how to really get your name out there and get good attention. Companies can rely on clearly defined and well-structured marketing expertise & strategies to stand out in the industry they operate. Read on to find out how you can make your business unique in the midst of the intensifying competition.

Marketing Expertise: Capture Your Audience’s Attention


Stalk your competitors and determine what they are offering. Find the guts to patronize them at the earliest opportunity and every other chance you get. Maintain an eagle eye to identify areas that you can surpass them. Establish the nature of their service and see what opportunities you can grab from that. You could offer faster delivery, do gift wrapping differently, increase the frequency of follow-ups, or even provide a longer guarantee than your rivals do. The possibilities of outsmarting your rivals are endless.

Find Out What Your Customers Want

A customer questionnaire is a perfect tool when it comes to finding the exact areas that a business should be focusing on. Ask people what they loathe about the organizations they dislike. Find out the things that an ideal business would avail. Request to know areas of your organization they appreciate the most. Listen to the answers keenly. Some of the interviewees will be pointing out at the competitive advantages that you might want to take advantage.

Identify The Problems Customers Are Facing

Every customer who walks into your business premises has a problem. With the assistance of a customer questionnaire or any other tool you consider helpful, try and spot the problems that besiege not only your regular customers but also the prospects. Anyone with marketing expertise will agree that it is much easier to sell a solution to a problem than selling a benefit.

For the longest time, marketing gurus have been screaming at the top of their heads about the importance of confronting the challenges faced by business prospects by offering products and services that offer relevant solutions. Simply put; sell a solution, and leave the customers to enjoy and tell you about the benefit they are getting from your product or service.

Networking is yet another tool that can help you identify the problems of your target market. Other ways include attending trade fairs, professional association conventions, and sales calls. At the end of the day, major repositioning may become apparent to accomplish this endeavor. In conclusion, as long as it is a strategy capable of improving company profits, it is something worth considering.

Increased emphasis on customer service

Do not ever downplay the power of great customer service- it is another name for reversed psychology. First of all, a delighted customer is loyal, and this guarantees you repeat business. Secondly, he or she becomes a volunteer brand ambassador which translates to a widening client base.

The most important part of using customer service to gain a competitive edge entails devising strategies that can raise the levels of customer service. Some of the effective tactics include:

  • Prompt and resourceful response to the concerns of customers
  • Putting in place a physical or virtual customer service desk and department (if possible)
  • Taking an interest in knowing and interacting with customers at a personal level to improve company’s ability to offer personalized services and attention

Humans are social beings. Therefore, they love positive attention and will keep coming back to your business if they are guaranteed of the same. Finally, no organization is guaranteed a market share at any given point. Instead, everyone must work hard to outsmart the other and consequently achieve a competitive edge.

Marketing Expertise - Kara MastersonThis excellent guest post on marketing expertise was written by Kara Masterson. Kara is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.