Email Marketing Best Practices Infographic

What steps do you take when you create your email marketing calendar? Maybe the better question to ask is: Do you take any steps before sending emails? If you don’t, you’re missing a big opportunity. If you think about email marketing best practices before sending them, you can probably refine the process and see the results in committed returning customers and a batch of new clients.

Any successful email marketing campaign starts with 10 key steps. They’re not hard to do or understand, but they are critical. For example, segmenting is one step that doesn’t get enough attention. Segmenting an audience simply means personalizing your message as much as possible in order to meet the needs of why the person originally signed up for communications from your company. That means you split your list based on preferences and split your content, too.

Want to make your email work harder? This graphic can help.

Email Marketing Best Practices Infographic

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Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Create a Campaign from Scratch Infographic

Email Marketing Best Practices via Salesforce

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