Common Mistakes Beginning Social Media for Business

Today, the world seems to revolve around social media. Considering this, it should be easy to market using social media, right? It can be — if you know exactly what to do. Here are the common mistakes beginning social media for business!

Beginning Social Media for Business

Don’t Neglect Social Media Basics

Doing simple things like forgetting to set an icon/avatar, not sharing new blog posts to social media, or leaving a bio blank can hurt your business. Before setting up a profile on every social media site you can think of, make sure you have all the basics set up on a single social media site.

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Quickly

Much like starting a business, you can’t just start it up and expect customers to come flowing in. You have to wait patiently— a few days, weeks, or even months — for results to show. If you set high expectations, you may become discouraged and give up too quickly. Don’t give up hope!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Professionals

When reaching out through social media, it’s easy to compare your business’s Twitter account to that of Google’s or Apple’s.  Large companies usually have social media experts who are experienced in marketing strategies and know how to sell a product. It’s very unlikely your business’ social media accounts will receive as much attention as the professionals, especially right away.

Don’t Measure the Wrong Numbers (Or Incorrectly)

When measuring and keeping track of results, make sure you’re actually measuring the right numbers. Don’t just count friends or followers — this method is a good way to see if you’re reaching people, but it won’t necessarily mean a return on investment. Try to get these followers to visit your website or sign up for a newsletter.

 Don’t Think Success Will Come Easily

Just because a product or content is great doesn’t mean it will get the recognition it deserves.  Many “experts” still preach that they will, which will easily discourage you. Without an audience, the best products won’t get sold. Make sure you actively inform potential customers of new products or services when beginning social media for business — that’s the whole point!

Don’t Assume All Social Media Platforms Are the Same

There’s a huge difference between Instagram and Facebook — make sure you know that! Because of each network’s audiences, there are certain practices on each site that will lead to more client interaction. For example, two hashtags per tweet will attract more interest on Twitter, while on Facebook using no hashtags whatsoever will lead to more views. Likewise, tweeting to LinkedIn can become more annoying than helpful, and pinning a webpage without an appealing image won’t lead others to click on it. It’s not a bad idea to follow your followers — it won’t guarantee success, but it never hurts to try, either.

Don’t Sell A Product Too Early

Social media is all about interaction, not pressuring people to buy something! Before you decide to promote a product using social media, make sure you’re sending the right message to your followers first.

Don’t Assume You Can Do It All On Your Own

If you’re managing a business and social media accounts, you’re likely to get overwhelmed. Don’t hesitate to ask others for help! However, don’t go straight to your teenage son and ask him for tips on how to run a social media account — just because someone knows about social media doesn’t make them an expert on it.  Find a professional social media marketer and ask about their results and how they track their success. There’s much more to social media than meets the eye.

Social media can be a helpful marketing tool, but without a strategy even the most serious attempts can backfire. Be consistent when beginning social media for business and don’t start off in the wrong direction.

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