5 Secrets for Killer Small Business Website Design!

A well-designed website is crucial for any company (even small businesses & startups). Of course, there are numerous concepts and techniques that go into a website designed to capture potential customers’ interest, but here are 5 key secrets for your small business website design!

What Goes Into Killer Small Business Website Design?

1. Smooth, Intuitive, & Optimized User Interface & Layout

When someone visits your website, they should be able to tell right off the bat that they’re in the right place. A great way to get a visitor’s attention is a call to action. A call-to-action is very simple:

It’s you directing your visitors on what actions to take (such as “order an explainer video for your business today” or even simply “subscribe to our newsletter”). Buttons, contact forms, & pop-ups can all be used as call-to-actions.

A call-to-action is almost always included above-the-fold (the area visitors first see when landing on a website) in the hero image — the biggest visual attraction on the site made to grab the attention of potential customers. Most of the website’s layout will be secondary, should be easy to navigate, and should be optimized to drive visitors to complete your call-to-action (your “goal”). Make sure your layout is well-organized — and don’t be afraid to use white space!

2. Easy to Read & Appropriate Font Selections

Never use a font that is difficult to read. There are some fonts that are meant for graphic design and others that are meant for reading.  Hopefully it should be easy to differentiate between the two, but when in doubt, choose a different font. Any text in a font that is hard to read is guaranteed to be skipped over. In addition, many fonts are overused and generate eye-rolls, such as Comic Sans and Times New Roman.

3. A Unique Logo with a Simple Color Scheme

In one of our previous articles, we discussed the importance of using a professional logo for your business. After reviewing those points, designing a logo should hopefully be a little easier — but an amazing logo won’t save your website’s design if the color scheme is too complicated. Colors that clash are a huge “no-no,” and will only make your website look sloppy and mismatched. Try to look at a color wheel to find colors that complement each other (they’ll be located across from each other).

4. Stunning Photography

Photos add individuality to your website, and any type of visual will grab a potential customer’s attention. Stock photos are the most popular type of photography used — for a small fee (or even free) one can browse an entire database of photos that look professional. A more expensive, but more personalized option, is hiring a photographer to take photos unique to your website. Both options will attract visitors either way, so implementing amazing photography on your website is a must!

We created this explainer video for our clients at My Dent Guy to describe their amazing paintless dent removal service!

5. Engaging Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular. Like photos, they are an attention-grabbing visual, but are distinctive and interesting. They’re more likely to engage viewers, increase sales, and can easily be shared. Earlier this year we posted an article describing the benefits of explainer videos, so check it out for more information.

Companies like Jumpanzee will create amazing animated explainer videos, stunning logo designs, and websites optimized to convert visitors to customers. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your small business website design!