Get Found: Growing Your Startup with Inbound Marketing

Though your startup idea came from your head and the drive to pursue this dream came from your heart, the truth is, you will never get it off the ground without your wallet. According to statistics, top funding sources represent personal savings and credit, followed by friends and family, and venture capital. Nevertheless, this is only going to help you get started in growing your startup.

For growing your startup and getting your brand name out there, you’ll need a bulletproof marketing strategy that will stay in the lines of your budget. Rather than scattering your resources on ads, in this day and age, everyone will advise you to focus all your efforts on inbound marketing. Namely, a company is 3x as more likely to see higher return on investment on inbound marketing campaigns than outbound.

Growing Your Startup

Benefits of inbound marketing for startups

Using quality content as the basis of their strategy, marketers get the chance to tell stories about the brand they are representing and better align it with the target audience. As a result, you don’t have to go after customers – they naturally come to you.  Aside from the significantly higher ROI, inbound marketing is a much more affordable alternative that generates higher growth rate in the long run. Taking all of this into consideration, it is evident inbound is the best marketing option for a startup on a rise that still does not have the commodity of allocating its funds on costly strategies.

Challenges startups face during inbound marketing campaigns

Inexperienced business owners usually lack marketing skills and the only thing on their mind is finding a solution that will hopefully skyrocket their startup in the next 6 to 12 months. For this reason, many are those who make the same mistake – opt for a little-bit-of-everything approach. They set up a website, chose to publish a few blog posts here and there, try to up the number of social media followers, etc. Though testing out several ideas might seem like a great strategy, the harsh reality is – as a startup, you don’t have a budget large enough to support this practice – addressing all these aspects is fine, but you have to know what you are getting into.

With so many pieces of a puzzle, a young business professional can quite easily become overwhelmed with the amount of tactics and methods designed to generate greater exposure of their brand. For this reason many choose to consult with SEO Brisbane experts instead and find out what are the most important aspect of an inbound campaign that have to be addressed.

Get to know your customers

Defining a buyer persona represents one of the most essential steps in your marketing plan, as your entire strategy will revolve around creating and promoting content that will appeal to them. Are you looking to appeal to men, women, or both; how old is your target customer; what is their location, etc. The better you define who you are talking to, you will have a clearer vision of their needs and requirements, as well as questions they ask on a daily basis. As a result, you will create content pieces that will provide answers and address your target customer’s issues.

Enrich your blog content

With almost 50% of buyers admitting to look at at least 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative, it is evident a quality content published on a company blog can help convert a not-so-insignificant number of visitors. A resourceful blog comes with many benefits – it helps boost your visibility in search engines, represents a great source of industry information for your audience, establishes you as an industry leader, and so much more. It is a backbone of every inbound marketing strategy, as it helps you build solid reputation, drive traffic to your website and ultimately boosts your sales.

Improve your social presence

The whole world is going social – in fact, 1/3 of Millennials admitting social media is their preferred channel for communicating with business. Elevating your social game is bound to improve your relationship with your customers (followers) and inspire them to engage with your content. Just ensure you are clear on your social media objectives – are you aiming for likes, shares, leads? In accordance with that, share content that will resonate with your audience. What is more, they will expect a variety of content types – articles, images, videos. Finally, don’t forget to socialize; respond to their every comment, be it question, words of praise or criticism, as they are the ones who will have the most valuable feedback on what you’ve been doing so far.

In the end remember that the 21st century marketing doesn’t have to be sleazy – with helpful and informative content pieces, you won’t have to chase people; they will come to you.

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