How Can You Use Instagram for Promoting Your Startup Business?

There are numerous types of digital marketing methods, and they are constantly evolving. You can now manage your promotional tasks with the help of the professional experts who know exactly how to take your business to the next level. Take advantage of all the innovative digital marketing strategies to grow your business. However, it can be difficult for you to understand how to promote your business when you are not familiar with handling social media and marketing. Instead, you can always get the solutions you need from the experts and various agencies providing these digital marketing solutions. For example, you can take advantage of using Instagram for promoting your startup business.

Instagram has 6 million active users every month – which is huge for attracting visitors and prospective clients to your page. There are a lot business strategies you can implement for your startup business to get the best ROI from Instagram. The following tips will help guide you regarding using Instagram for promoting your startup business. Here, we are going to provide you all kinds of advice which will help you promote the business and reach out to interested people about your products.

Using Instagram for Promoting Your Startup Business

Upload images of your latest launches

How Can You Use Instagram for Promoting Your Startup Business - phone on notepadYou can easily upload pictures of your most recently launched products. Many brands rely on Instagram for promoting these. Also, upload images of the latest ventures of your brand and connect with your followers on Instagram. Since it is an image-heavy platform, Instagram is one of the best channels for showing off your products in their best light. You can easily upload interesting shots of your business and add a link in your bio so that visitors can head over to your website. Make sure to include any key or necessary information in your Instagram bio as well, so visitors know exactly what your business does and can learn more about it.

Behind the scenes shots

Another popular way to capture the attention of the prospective clients is providing them with behind-the-scenes shots. You can share exclusive images and videos to give your viewers an idea of all the hard work that goes into creating the final products. This will also allow them to feel comfortable with your brand and valued that your brand would share such intimate details with them. Gaining the trust of your customers is essential for building your audience and making sales. Make sure that the images you are sharing are lively/active and look fun and, at the same time, depict the dedication and determination that your staff puts into the project. With the right hashtags and caption, your behind the scenes images can go viral with many customers happy to follow your posts.

Using the right hashtags

Instagram users are likely to find you and your images by looking for relevant hashtags. If they do not know the name of your page, then they most likely will never find it. However, when you are using the right trending hashtags, which your target clients are likely to look for, you can ensure that the right audience can easily discover your page. There are many types of hashtags and, with the help of the real Instagram followers, it becomes easier to ensure that your website gets the best exposure from the target audiences. There are always trending hashtags, and you can easily find them with the help of various applications to use along with the images that you are sharing. The caption that you are using with the image also matters and should be chosen with care. Make sure to know what hashtags and captions you will use before you upload the pictures.


There are a lot of ways you can market your new business. With the help of numerous innovations in social media platforms, you can make sure you reach your target audience in the most effective way possible. These are the different ways you can use Instagram for promoting your startup business.

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