Business Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies

What are all the possible ways in which you can express yourself?

Sure, there’s a plethora of artistic outlets like drawing, dancing, playing music, singing, making movies, and much more.
But what’s left for everyday life? You can change your look, which is one way to express yourself. You can also decide what you say and how you say it. There are also certain ways you can behave. But is that it?

There’s actually one more thing that expresses our mood, thoughts, and feelings that we sometimes don’t even notice. Our body language. And the fact that we barely even notice it most of the time doesn’t mean that it isn’t important or doesn’t have any power (especially business body language).

What Does Your Business Body Language Say?

For instance, did you know that it’s 12.5 times easier to express your attitude or feeling through nonverbal channels rather than verbal? Or that the human brain takes only 200 milliseconds to fully comprehend information from the facial expression of a person to understand what emotion they are experiencing?

It’s clear that body language has an incredible amount of potential.

Just imagine. A single glance at a person during a normal conversation could help you determine whether or not they feel confident, comfortable, or something else entirely. You won’t have to guess whether this person even wants to have a conversation at all.

Why Is Your Body Language Important

Knowledge of body language signals can also prevent you from being tricked. When lying, a person is usually focused on persuading someone about facts that aren’t true, completely missing out on the facial expressions and movements of their other body parts. And it clearly shows. All it takes to uncover such a bad disguise is to know all the possible ways in which the human body can behave when a person is lying.

In order to learn more about body language, check out the infographic below. It consists of three categories.
First off, you’ll learn about the most common body language signs. You’ll come across these signals in everyday life, in even the most casual situations. These regular signs are usually the easiest to spot, too. Mainly because so many people use them.

The second part of the infographic will tell you about the body language mistakes you should avoid. If you don’t want to give people the wrong impression of you, be afraid of failing a job interview, or worry about whether or not your important business meeting is going to go well—look out for the listed mistakes.

Finally, the last section of the infographic will show you the typical body language signs that usually occur when someone’s trying to tell a lie.

Business Body Language Infographic

Business Body Language: From Common Signs to Spotting Lies
Infographic on Business Body Language by Daisy Hartwell Custom-Writing.Org

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