Why you need a Chrome Extension – A Beginner’s Guide

Extensions are like plugins in your browser. They help add features and functionalities to the browser. In adding functionality, the Chrome extension can effectively change one language to the other.

If you are using chrome browser, you probably have installed an extension here and there. If you have, you must have seen the type and amount of information every extension needs access to. At times, you may need to give permissions for these extensions to access this information.

An extension that needs to collaborate with any website you visit will require you to give such an authorization, a holistic and easy-to-use one being the ExpressVPN Chrome Extension.

Exercise caution when installing an extension that needs the invasive amount of permissions on the websites you visit.

For example, they may access and change your browsing history, manage your apps and communicate with other native

Why you need a Chrome Extension

1. Safety

Google security teams will inspect the extensions on their site. As such, you’ll get the assurance that your needs will be met. However, there are a number of apps on the market today. As such, it becomes difficult for the Google security teams to inspect every one of them.

In the attempt to curb this, most of the extensions on chrome will require to get your permission to access any form of data. As such, you need to exercise caution before giving any form of authorization to any extension.

It’s worth noting that Google doesn’t have any privacy policy on extensions belonging to third parties. This means that the app can access any data on your server that it has permission to. You need to exercise due diligence and be certain that you trust the developer.

So, what is Google doing to prevent phishing of information by dubious extension developers?

Google requires any developer to pay a onetime fee to access the Chrome Extension Gallery. The intent is to prevent spam and reduce malicious apps on their site.

With all these security measures in place, you need to ensure you only add the verified extensions. Also, check the terms and conditions before you give an app permission to access your data.

2. Secure

Chrome extensions feature the HTTPS Everywhere that encrypts your web. The extension helps ensure your browsing history and communication logs are secure.

So, how’s HTTPS encryption safe?

Well, let’s break it down further. The sites that feature HTTPS are safe and secure to visit. The same cannot be said of the HTTP only sites. Such sites will not encrypt their sites through HTTPS. As such, they make it hard to use the HTTPS page.

These sites will fill the HTTPS secure sites with links that take you back to unsecured HTTP sites. At this point, the HTTPS Everywhere extension will fix this problem. It’ll use clever technology to write HTTPS request to these sites.

3. Access

A VPN extension on chrome is a solution to installing secure long-distance connection. It will reduce the costs you incur to make calls to long distances. In fact, it will eliminate the need for long distance lease lines.

But how does this work?

In the past, you needed to rent network capacity lines to achieve a full and stable connection to your office. But thanks to this technology, you can easily use the public network internet to tap the connection to VPN.


Extensions play a big role on any browser. They make navigation easy for giving you the best surfing experience.

However, you need to check the extensions that you give permission to access your site.

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